The team

We are a team of three professionals working in the health field. The team, composed of physiotherapists, wishes to share a new approach through numerous articles. All the content we share is the result of our research.

Léa Madiot

Léa Madiot


She is a state-qualified massage therapist, inspired by holistic medicine.

After her studies, she pursued a master’s degree in psychoneuroinmuno-endocrinology (PNIE) with the aim of broadening her knowledge to best treat the patient in his or her globality.

As a former table tennis player, rider, volleyball player and currently triathlete, she knows the problems of athletes.

Madiot, Alexis

Alexis Madiot


Business manager in medical technologies, his daily life in the operating rooms allows him to have a global vision of the orthopedic surgery.

He has been practicing bodybuilding and street workout for several years, and his experience in callisthenics gives him a global vision of these different disciplines.

François Hérault

Masseur-kinésithérapeute diplômé d’état 

Après ses études, il poursuit sur un master spécialisé en kinésithérapie sportive pour traiter au mieux les problématiques des sportifs. 

Originaire de l’île de la réunion, c’est un grand pratiquant de trail et de surf.